Who are we?

S&B DIGITAL is a French start up specialised in marketing and consulting.

It comes from the meeting of 2 digital TV and marketing experts, who decided to revolutionize the audio-visual, new technologies and the advertising world.

A financial expert and 2 computer engineers, convinced by the project, quickly joined the adventure. S&B DIGITAL keeps growing day by day, and expands its savoir-faire by enlarging a team with strong, committed and creative personalities.

Today, S&B DIGITAL opens the field of its activities to accompany other young start ups and shares the founders’ past experiences and the whole team’s expertise in various and complementary areas.

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YouCanHave.it is a solution to a problem that 22 million French people meet everyday: right from my couch, in front of my TV set, I want to know something about the movie, the actress, the brand of her dress, the location it’s been shot at, etc.

Or, I want to talk and share with other viewers on just about anything related to my evening television program.

Rather than seeking on the Net and hence getting lost in litterally thousands of results, I use YouCanHave.it, which, by automatically detecting what I’m currently watching, finds for me everything I want to know and allows me to share with other people watching the same program.

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S&B DIGITAL accompanies the entire television ecosystem (producers, advertisers, distributers, TV channels, public figures, bloggers, collectivities, tourism offices, etc.) in its Digital Marketing approach.

We publish, provide and operate LINKAST, an optimized platform, specifically designed to television broadcasting requirements. It is intended to facilitate input of informations and contents to be promoted, for any program or category. The fast and automated online publishing allows anticipated management of marketing campaigns of any kind.

Our expertise in digital marketing related to the world of television allows us to be a privileged council and creative force in your communication operations.

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Our expertises

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Setting up fundraising, investors pitches
audit and/or, of creation business plans, HR
strategies, state subsidies files, etc.

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Communication & Marketing

Audit, public relations,
press releases, social networks,
branding, analytics tools, etc.

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Project management,
Agile methodology (SCRUM),
prototyping (POC, POT), etc.

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Web, front end, java, php, HTML5, back end, python,
mobile, iOS, Android, OOP,
Learning, NLP, IA, etc. + software factory
(GitLab, Jenkins, RunDeck, etc.) Learning, NLP, IA etc.

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Cloud (OVH, Azure), containerization,
automation, Infra-As-Code, architecture and
security of exchanges, docker, hosting
consulting, etc.

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Company tools

Implementation of wiki, CRM, plateforms
for exchanges, company directories, etc.
+ Monitoring (DatadogHQ, Sensu,
Graphana, InfluxDB, etc.)


S&B DIGITAL gathers all the knowledge and skills necessary to deploy properly digital projects.

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Didier B.

Engineer, ESCP EUROPE Executive MBA graduate, extensive international experience in the digital tv field, innovation 1st award at Las Vegas CES, MEDEF's Start Up trampoline member, founder and Chief Executive Officer of S&B DIGITAL.

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Hussein Oz H.

EFREI Engineer in IT and Management, ESCP EUROPE Executive MBA graduate, extensive international experience in eCommerce and Digital Marketing, speaker for Digital Marketing and Personal Branding conferences, co-founder, Chief Sales & Marketing Officier of S&B DIGITAL.

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Philippe S.

ESCP EUROPE Executive MBA graduate, extensive international experience in Asset Management, finance and banking systems, Chief Financial Officier of S&B DIGITAL.

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Augustin R.

EPITA Engineer in IT and softwares, European experience around technical integration and data management, Chief Technical Officier of S&B DIGITAL.

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Benoît P.

INP Grenoble ESISAR Engineer, IT automation expert and cloud architectures specialist, Chief Information Officier of S&B DIGITAL.

Our values


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"What is done is done, what is not, is yet to be thought of and executed".
That is the reason why our creativity serves innovation. We aim to be pioneers in everything we undertake.


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Each and every member of our team is a recognized expert by his peers, which guarantees quality and efficiency of our services.

Responsible Commitment

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The customer lays at the center of our preoccupations and we constantly seek for improving his daily business instead of creating new needs.


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